Many people believe coloring hair is a direct correlation to dry damaged hair, but professional brands have unique conditioning agents that condition the hair while it is being colored. Many products even improve shine and texture, not to mention healthy hairholds color better and longer

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Root Color Retouch

Our professional hair color line allows you to choose from permanent, semi-permnenant, and demi permanent. For those with sensitive scalp or skin irritations we have a permanent color with no ammonia. Root color retouch is for one inch of growth. Every addition inch will require an upcharge.

$45 | 60min

All Over Hair Color

Hair color all over is often necessary when you feel your mids to ends have begun to fade. If your hair is light and you want a change, a darker color perhaps, color all over would be for you. However, if your hair is dark and you want to go lighter, you will need to book a color correction. The price for this service covers short to medium length fine to medium weight. 

$95 | 60min

Hair Toner

A hair toner is a product that helps you correct or personalise your color. It is used to add natural or more visible tones after a professional color treatment. As a result, it enhances the tonality of your hair. How? By creating a professional finished look. In order for toner to work, hair has to be pre-lightened or colored first. It is most commonly used for shades of blonde hair, but it can be beneficial for brunettes and redheads too. A professional in-salon toner is more pigmented than a silver shampoo or purple shampoo that is used at home. However, these products are excellent products to maintain a bright or cool color between salon appointments. The price for this service covers short to medium length fine to medium weight. 

$25 | 25min 

The Essential Facial cleanses your pores, exfoliates dead skin cells and grim, leaving your skin looking and feeling healthier. Mild acne blemishes are also reduced, and with dead skin cells removed, your skin will be smoother and brighter. Includes an exfoliation, manual extractions as necessary, high frequency to help treat and prevent acne, reduce enlarged pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Essential Facial

$65 | 45min

Facials for men are specifically formulated to male needs, which are often shaving-related, such as razor burn, or other conditions like skin sensitivity and dullness. They also target skin roughened by spending time in the great outdoors or ones that are tailored to acne, excessive sweating, living in a city, and skin conditions related to aging. 

Deep-pore cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliation, toning, and vigorous facial, neck, and shoulder massages are also included.

Mens Facial

$85 | 65min

Facials for teens are often designed to specifically address breakouts that frequently are associated with adolescent skin. Teen facials typically begin with a deep cleansing, followed by gentle extractions. A healing mask will then help to rehydrate dry, flaky skin, or eliminate oily particles. Created with the teen’s complexion needs in mind, these facials can help with persisting teen skincare troubles or prevent them before the problem starts. An added bonus...we teach teens the importance of preemptive skincare.

Teen Facial

$55 | 50min

Express Bar Add-On's

Vanillafina Fusion Mask

Perfect for normal to dry skin, helping improve the appearance of skin texture and elasticity, while helping to reduce the appearance of age spots to help maintain a healthy, youthful complexion.

Chocofina Fusion Mask

Yes, there is such thing as good chocolate! This is the perfect mask for dry skin, helping to restore moisture, and helping make skin feel deliciously soft and smooth.

Matchafina Fusion Mask 

This Matchfina fusion mask is ideal for sensitive skin. It is soothing and calming and helps reduce the appearance of redness.

Berryfina Fusion Mask 

The Berryfina fusion mask is great for combination/ oily skin. This mask helps tighten the appearance of pores, while gently exfoliating to reveal beautiful, luminous skin.

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